Captain Darcy Bodnaruk, CD


Commanding Officer

Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the squadron, the budgeting, staffing, discipline and overall management of the squadron and staff.

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Captain Tyler Bryan


Deputy Commanding Officer


Responsible for the management of squadron staff, departmental planning, staff standards and discipline.

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Captain Eric Dalshaug


Training Officer


Responsible for the weekly training of the cadets and for ensuring that lessons plans are produced, classes are taught with quality instruction, and are running on time. They will also mentor the Cadet instructors.




Captain Alexandra Pike Bryan


Standards Officer

Responsible for standards and discipline within the squadron.



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Captain Crystal Schmidt


Administration Officer

Responsible for all administrative and paperwork related tasks including attendance, mail, applications, verifications and other administrative duties.


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Lieutenant Dino Visaya


Supply Officer

Responsible for the procurement, distribution, and recovery of uniforms, equipment and other logistical requirements in support of training.


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Civilian Volunteer Heather Bartley



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Civilian Volunteer Tim Wilkinson


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Civilian Volunteer Trevor Larkin



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