Dress: Field Training Uniform

Location: Beaumont Community Centre

Timings: 18:45 - 21:30 hrs

Attendees: All returning cadets and all new recruits

*Recruit Dress: Please wear black pants and shoes and white collared shirts if you have these items. Uniform measurement and issuing will continue throughout September and October.


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Dress: FTUs or Weather-appropriate civilian clothing.

Location: Beaumont Bottle Depot, 4903 51 St, Beaumont AB.

Timings:08:30 - 15:30

Saturday September 23rd will be our first bottle drive for the year. These fundraisers are critical to our annual fundraising needs. Thank you to all the parents who have already volunteered to drive and assist. Even if you do not have a screening completed, we can use volunteers at the bottle depot and to pick up bottles from cadets walking if you have a convenient vehicle.

 Morning drop off location is Beaumont Bottle Depot parking lot (4903 51 St) at 08:30. Once cadets sign in and are split into groups, drivers will disperse with cadets and we will move to the bottle depot (approx. 09:00);

  • Late arrivals, and parents picking cadets up, can come to the bottle depot and check with a supervising staff member;
  • Reminder to please bring a lunch / snack if you are able to stay for the day;
  • PLEASE dress for the weather. Toques, gloves, scarves etc. Cadets may wear green FTU uniforms, but please add layers to stay warm; and
  • Feel free to bring your own bottles to give us a jump start on our collection in the morning!




287 Beaumont RCACS has reached our maximum capacity for new recruit applications for this September. We will be reaching out to every applicant and email we have received to confirm enrollment and required documents. If you are uncertain of your application status please email the squadron at 287air@cadets.gc.ca after 5:00PM September 19th to allow us time to contact everyone. 

Additional applicants who are on the waitlist will be contacted if space becomes available, however there are additional Cadet units in Edmonton that are taking cadets in both the Army and Sea Cadet programs at this time. 

2981 STRATHCONA COMMUNICATION, ROYAL CANADIAN ARMY CADET CORPS - 8403 Roper Road Street Edmonton AB T6E6T5 - 2981army@cadets.gc.ca - http://www.facebook.com/EdmontonArmyCadets - Parades Monday @ 18:30-21:00

238 CAMPBELTOWN, ROYAL CANADIAN SEA CADET CORPS - 9376 49th Street Edmonton AB T6B2L7 - jason.finkbeiner@cadets.gc.ca - Parades Tuesday @ 18:15-21:30

152 RESOLUTE, ROYAL CANADIAN SEA CADET CORPS - 10435 76th Street NW Edmonton AB T6A3B1 - CO152resolute@gmail.com - Parades Tuesday @ 18:15-21:15


Additional Edmonton and area Cadet Units, addresses, contact information and parade night information can be found: https://app.cadets.gc.ca/directory-repertoirev3/en/cadet-directory.html


Upcoming Events

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Regular Training Night

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Oct. 04, 2023 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Teams Night - Marksmanship / Drill / Effective Speaking
Team Activity Practice - Optional Training

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Oct. 11, 2023 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

CO's Parade

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