Duke of Edinburgh Award

This program is open to any cadets who are 14 or older.

The Duke of Edinburgh (D of E) program is a separate program from Air Cadets, however cadets who complete the award requirements are entitled to wear the D of E pin on their uniform.  Most cadets will complete all of the requirements to achieve their Bronze Level Award through their participation in the cadet program!  

Cadets who enroll in the D of E program will use an online record keeping system to track time spent at different activities.  Once the requirements are met, their award is submitted to the D of E coordinator for confirmation and they will approve the award for submission.

Bronze pins are awarded at the local level, Silver pins are awarded at the provincial level (usually by the Lieutenant-Governor) and Gold pins are awarded nationally by a member of the Royal family or the Governor General.

Cadets who are interested in or currently enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh program, please see Capt Bryan for assistance.


Duke of Edinburgh's Award online Registration


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