Summer Training

Cadets who successfully complete level training are eligible to apply for summer training. Camps are between 2-7 weeks in duration.  Refer to the course brochures for detailed descriptions of each course and criteria for attending.

Not all cadets will be chosen to attend summer training.  The Commanding Officer, with input from the squadron staff, will rank cadets based on merit (attendance, attitude, participation, team work and performance).  Final selections will be made from this list by the Regional Cadet Support Unit (Northwest).  Region will also consider the cadet's preferences and the camp load (how many cadets total can attend each course) in order to make final selections.  If you have questions about the selection process please talk to the office.

Due date for Summer Training Applications and Selection Board Course Packages: Dec 5, 2018

Turn in your completed applications to the Administration Office.


Late applications for most courses can be accepted, however cadets will automatically be loaded at the bottom of the priority list.  Submit your applications on time for the best chance of being selected!  Late applications for selection board courses can not be accepted, all deadlines must be abided by.


2019 Summer Training Application Form


Summer Training Briefing - Pre Selection Select this if your cadet wishes to apply for Summer Training.


Summer Training Briefing - Post Selection  Select this if your cadet has been selected for Training.




Anaphylaxis Information and Forms  - Required for any Cadets with allergies, and those who have Epi Pens. Forms MUST be signed completed, and a copy returned to the unit, while the cadet maintains a copy and brings with them.


Measles Letter - Required reading. 


Information about Regional Summer Training Courses: 

2017-2019 Summer Training Regional Courses Brochure


Information about National Summer Training Courses:

2017-2019 Summer Training National Courses Brochure

Application Procedure for Selection Board Courses Manuel 

Medical Screening for Cadet Student Pilots (2016)


Summer Training Centre Joining Instructions:

Joining Instructions provide details on camp life.  They include kit lists, rules and regulations, forms, etc.  Please review this document well in advance of your departure date for camp.

Cold Lake 2019

Gimli 2019

Comox, Vernon, Alberthead, Quatra 2019

Whitehorse 2019

Canadore, Connaught, Trenton, Blackdown, HMCS Ontario, Mountainview 2019 - For these CTCs an additional annex for each specific location exists. Please Review Both.

Canadore Annex 2019

Summer Training Centre Social Media:

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