September - November (Season is extended if cadets advance to provincial competition.)

Day: Tuesday and Thursday - Check event calendar weekly for details.


The zone biathlon competition (28 Oct 2018) involves cadets running three 1-1.5km loops with two bouts of target shooting between laps.  If cadets successfully advance to the provincial competition the competition changes to a ski and shoot format.  

Practices include cardio and strength training (running, push-ups, pull-ups, circuits, etc.) and range practice.  Only cadets who have completed their range safety training are eligible to shoot the air rifles at practice and competition.  Arrangements will be made for interested first year cadets to complete their rifle safety training prior to completion of try-outs.  ONLY CADETS WHO ARE ATTENDING PRACTICES WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR RIFLE SAFETY TRAINING.  All other new cadets will complete their rifle safety classes during scheduled training later in the year.

All interested cadets are welcome to come to tryouts and practices.

**All cadets who are selected to be part of this team are expected to attend practices and the competition.  Please check your calendars and previous commitments prior to trying out for the team.**

Thank you to our generous sponsors and supporters!