Each month a junior and senior cadet are recognized as the Top Cadet of the Month.  These awards are based on the observations of senior cadets and officers.

Top Flight of the Month is awarded to the flight that achieves the highest attendance, uniform marks and success in the designated flight competition.  This competition runs all year and the cumulative total for the year decides which flight recieves Top Flight at the Annual Awards Banquet.

At the end of each training year the squadron recognizes a number of cadets for outstanding performance:

Award Eligible Levels  
Perfect Attendance All Cadet maintains perfect attendance at all mandatory training: 3 excused absences allowed, NO UNEXCUSED ABSENCES ALLOWED
Top Level 1-4 One award per level.  Based on attendance, dress, drill, deportment, participation in optional training and demonstrating maturity.
Top Junior NCO 2/3 Jr NCO who has shown most development in their leadership and followership.  Demonstrated overall competency in their role as a Jr. NCO.
Top Senior NCO 4/5 Most deserving senior cadet, based on attendance, dress, drill, deportment, optional activities and mentoring.  Competent in a parade position and instruction.
Golden Boot All Best uniform over the entire training year.  Determined by uniform inspection marks.
Top Survival Skills All Demonstrates outstanding skills in bush craft and displays exemplary leadership in the field.
Top Marksmanship Skills All Demonstrates outstanding skills in Range, and displays exemplary leadership on the range.
Top Fitness and Sports Skill All Demonstrates outstanding skills in Sports and Fitness and displays exemplary leadership during Fitness and Sports activities.
Top Bandsman All Demonstrates outstanding skills in Band, and displays exemplary leadership within the band.
CO Award 1-3 Exemplifies the ideals and aims of the cadet training through their enthusiasm, positive attitude and shows esprit de corps.
Capt Kennedy Memorial 2+ Maintains an 80% attendance, demonstrates personal qualities of perseverance, dedication, and esprit de corps, courteous and hard working.
Top Instructor   Chosen by Level 1-4 cadets as the most interesting, dynamic and successful instructor throughout the training year.
Leadership 3-5 Demonstrates leadership through their actions, assuming responsibility, leads by example, takes care of their people. 
Top Flight   The flight that earns the most points in the year long flight competion.  Points are awarded based on attendance, uniform marks, flight competitions, etc.
Spitfire All

Top overall cadet in the squadron.  Must be able to cope with the infrastructure and responsibility of rank as it relates to other cadets, staff and friends.  Cadet has proven themselves the outstanding in all activities, attendance, leadership, mentorship and initative in the past training year. 

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