Announcements for the Month

FOR THE Month OF November 2020


Google Classroom link:

Any questions contact us at

On-Line engagement will start 18 Nov at 1845hrs.

Virtual Parade Nights will start 13 Jan 2021.  Information on how the Parade will work is in the Google Classroom

Virtual Classes for 13 Jan 2021:

Class One- 1905 - 1950 hrs

Level 1 - Identify Aircraft as Military, Civilian and Cadet

Level 2 - Identify the Four Forces that Act Upon an Aircraft 

Level 3 - Identify Methods of Instruction 

Level 5 - Level 5 Workshop sign up

Class Two - 1955 - 2035 hrs

Level 2 - Identify the Four Forces that Act Upon an Aircraft

Level 3 - Identify Methods of Instruction 

Level 4 - Describe Learner Needs

 Effective Speaking 

Effective Speaking will start on Monday 18 Jan 2021. Please contact Capt Bodnaruk at the above address if you are interested in participating.


 287 PARENT SPONSORING COMMITTEE NOTES:  Please visit the Squadron Sponsoring Committee page for minutes and information on the committee

Our Parent Sponsoring Executive for 2019-2020 year consists of the following people:

Chair - Brian Munday

Vice Chair - Trudy Eggleton

Treasurer - Nayyera Lari

Secretary - Jan Shute

Director -Jared Giffin

Director - Becky LeBlanc

Director - Jaime Murphy 

Please feel free to talk to any of these people regarding fundraising or League membership.



A list of Acronyms and their meanings is HERE for your convenience.

Thank you to our generous sponsors and supporters!